Forever humble.

In the past month we at Silver Wattle Publishing have been so overwhelmed with the support that has come from all over. At times I have been completely and utterly dumbfounded by it, and to be honest, somewhat nervous but always humbled.

We have loved reading the works that have been submitted and the quality of writing we have received in such a short space of time is almost intimidating, which I’m hoping is just a drop in the ocean of submissions we will receive in the future.

This post if nothing else is an update on what has been going on and what will be happening in the future

We have really tried to focus on gaining a following on various social media channels in the last month and connecting with other publishers and industry professionals with the hope of creating a community feel within our business.

My business partner/husband and I will also be attending the Small Press Network’s Independent Publishers Conference which is held at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne from the 22nd-24th November and is sponsored by the Copyright Agency.

The event spans three days and covers industry research, trade, & fundamentals, as well as the much anticipated Most Underrated Book Award to be presented this evening by Louise Swinn.

The 2018 book shortlisted titles are:

  • Gwen by Goldie Goldbloom (Fremantle Press)
  • Living in Hope by the late Frank Byrne with Frances Coughlan & Gerard Waterford (Ptilotus Press)
  •  Plane Tree Drive by Lynette Washington (Midnight Sun Publishing)

Our focus is really on nailing the fundamentals covered by Saturday’s program. This day covers everything from publishing terms to cover design, marketing, and back again. It also includes a keynote from Zoe Dattner, a publisher at Private Media with 15 years in the industry that we are eager to catch.

Personally, I’m just incredibly excited to have the opportunity to meet some fellow small publishers and hear from industry experts.

Plus, it’s near the State Library so if you head to the Silver Wattle Publishing Instagram page you’ll be able to see that exquisite building and all the other shenanigans that we got up to.

And trust me, books will be purchased.