Submission Guidelines

If you have decided that you would like to submit to Silver Wattle Publishing please follow the following submission guidelines.


The subject should indicate the genre of your piece (i.e. fiction, non-fiction or illustrated), and a couple of words about the subject area.

In the body of your email or letter please contain a Title Page.

The Title Page should contain: title of book, author name (and pen name if applicable), and author’s contact details including email, phone, and address.

Attach a double-spaced first chapter, a 300 word synopsis as a word document (or PDF if illustrated), and a 50 word author biography (including any previous publication/s in 3rd person).

Please note that if you do choose to send us hard copy submissions of your work, we are more than likely unable to return them. We will however keep them on file.



When you send us your submission, you’ll receive an email acknowledging receipt.

Silver Wattle will endeavour to contact all authors within a fortnight of their submission, numbers allowing. This policy is regardless of whether we have chosen to proceed with the project. This contact may be in the form of an email or a written letter.


Send submissions to: